Raised on a steady diet of darkwave, punkrock and hiphop, Los Angeles based producer Victor Wreck creates intricate compositions sometimes ethereal and beautiful, other times heavy and bleak, and always catchy.

As a founding member of The Stolen Beats Projects (SBP), Victor spent nearly a decade playing shows in and around Los Angeles, performing with legends like The Pharcyde, Aceyalone, Murs, and The Visionaries.

During that time, he also worked with Santino in the 80’s throwback Synth Wave duo Musical Chairz, composing singing and producing their only album to date, Mantras For The Human Robot in 2007. After producing and recording the SBP mixtape Anthr Flvr in 2008, he has primarily concentrated on his solo productions.  

His debut effort, Flowers In The Addict released 2015, exhibits a maturity in sound and a cinematic flare for musical storytelling. With the release of his sophomore album, The New Sad, (2017) Victor Wreck hones his own sound, drawing from a vast palette to evoke mood through thought provoking music. 

His latest release, Ghosts (2017), pays homage to all things Analog, bending 8-bit, 80's, and game sounds into rhythmic soundscapes.   

victor wreck

happy is the new sad